Benefits of the Gum Rejuvenation Technique

gum rejuvenation in Myers Park and Charlotte

Gum Rejuvenation Services For Patients Near Myers Park

The gum rejuvenation technique offers substantial advantages over traditional periodontal grafting. Though periodontal grafting is effective and has improved the lives of thousands and thousands of people, we believe the gum rejuvenation technique will replace periodontal grafting in most cases for our patients in the Charlotte, Myers Park and Dilworth areas.

LESS INVASIVE | Gum rejuvenation is significantly less invasive in that the only “cutting” going on is the placing of a pinhole sized incision above the tooth to be treated. No cutting pieces of the roof of your mouth out and placing them somewhere else. No stitches.

LESS PAIN | With gum rejuvenation requiring only a pinhole sized incision above the tooth, naturally it is going to be less painful than traditional grafting which requires significant cutting. Patients need not put off addressing their gum recession any longer. They no longer have to dread the treatment of their gums and can instead looking forward to an efficient, seamless procedure.

FASTER HEALING | Periodontal grafting traditionally takes about three weeks to heal. That healing is not pleasant either. You can only eat so much pudding! Realize that periodontal grafting involves cutting pieces of skin from the roof of your mouth to be sewn to your gums. That takes your body a little time to heal from. The gum rejuvenation treatment usually only requires about a day of healing, if that, for our patients in Charlotte.

periodontal grafting with a Charlotte dentist Myers ParkSHORTER TREATMENT TIME | Not only is the healing time substantially shorter, the treatment time for the gum rejuvenation technique is much less than periodontal grafting. Dr. Bowman can literally treat 4-6 teeth with the gum rejuvenation treatment in the amount of time it would take to do one (1) tooth with periodontal grafting at his office in Charlotte NC. This means less time in the dental chair and less trauma to your body.

EFFECTIVE | The natural thought would be that the gum rejuvenation technique must not be as effective as traditional periodontal grafting if it takes less time and heals faster. Not so! The gum rejuvenation treatment has proven itself to be just as effective, if not more so, and it’s an option for just about every patient!

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