FAQs – Exposed Roots and Gingival Recession

Does gum rejuvenation fix gingival recession?

Yes! Gum rejuvenation fixes gingival recession by carefully and comfortable repositioning the gums to cover the exposed roots. Dr. Bowman will then give you advice on how to keep the gums from receding again.

Does gum rejuvenation hurt?

No. The gum rejuvenation treatment is very comfortable and much less invasive and painful than gum grafting. Pain should not even be a factor when considering gum rejuvenation as a solution to gingival recession.

How long does the treatment in Charlotte take?

Gum rejuvenation only takes about 10-20 minutes per tooth! Whereas traditional gum grafting for exposed roots could 1-2 hours per tooth. This means that you can come in for a visit and in less than a couple hours have healthy and happy gums again.

Does the Gum Rejuvenation Technique involve surgery and stitches?

There is no cutting or suturing with the Gum Rejuvenation Technique. One of the best aspects is that because of this the recovery time of the Pinhole procedure is practically non-existent.

How long does it take to heal?

Patients can literally be completely healed from their gingival recession treatment in less than one day. Yes, you read that correctly. Some patients can have the treatment performed and eat dinner the same night as if nothing happened. Gum rejuvenation is truly a fantastic and fast solution for exposed roots.

Are exposed roots really that bad?

Yes. Exposed roots are not only potentially dangerous, they can be indicators of dangerous things already going on. Gum disease can have significant implications for your overall health and exposed roots mean weakened gums.

What causes gingival recession?

Common causes for gingival recession include brushing too hard, wear and tear, gum disease and teeth grinding. Though some causes are more serious than others, gingival recession should be addressed and our gum rejuvenation technique is one the best, if not the best, solution.

How do people in the Myers Park area get started?

Simple! Just call us right now and schedule a visit at our Charlotte dentist office. We’re a warm and friendly dental practice and would be happy to answer any questions may have and/or schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Bowman.